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About Me

If you knew me ten years ago you would see a girl toting around a vintage manual film camera on nature walks, delighting herself in the process of learning about light and composition while daydreaming about traveling to far away places. That girl never knew that she would one day build a career on those very passions. 

    With a never ending thirst for education and inspiration, I can say with deep gratitude that photography has lead me to meet the most wonderful people and to visit the most beautiful places all over the world. I believe that if you dream it, you can make almost anything come true. This is why I absolutely adore capturing the most special milestones in people’s lives. Whether it be your wedding day, a new addition to your family, or a celebration of an accomplishment you worked hard for, I understand that people have dreamt of these moments to come to be, and I am just humble and honored to be there to capture it. 

    My love for black and white photography and color photography are equal but not alike. My black and white photos are pulled from inspiration and an eye I’ve gained from watching endless old hollywood films and studying film cinematography in college. To me, a great black and white photo must be created with intention, resulting in an image that is classic and timeless. My color photography is light, airy and earthy, inspired by my love for nature and the vibrate towns I've been blessed to explore on my travels. There is nothing like a bright beautiful color photo to really get my heart racing. In my work, I aim to encapsulate both of these passions. 

    You’ve worked hard and dreamed big for your special moment to arrive, and I make it a goal to bring the same effort and care to each and every wedding day and portrait session that I am blessed to capture. 

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